Meet our members

TC Cuthbertson

Co-Founder and Chairman, The GIPAC

TC Cuthbertson is the Co-Founder and Chairman of The Greenwood Initiative Political Action Committee. His background in Sales and Marketing brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the political space that have yet to be discovered. With his Bachelor’s degree in Government from Liberty University (Specialty Criminal Justice) he is able to pair his knowledge of how policy intersects with business and how these two disciplines can benefit the community he represents.

TC started his business in the Special Event and Catering space in 2015 and began his own events firm soon after named EventRoostr operating in the highly competitive hospitality business landscape.

TC Cuthbertson has spent the last 5 years in senior management of 2 wedding venues in the

NJ/PA area, the last of which is wholly operated by his company, EventRoostr, and has cleared over 1mil in the last fiscal year 2019 before the Pandemic.

TC and his family currently reside in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA where he targets most of his efforts to raise awareness about major issues affecting the Black and Minority Communities and devotes a significant amount of time to service projects benefiting underserved communities.

TC is a millennial thought leader and regularly speaks around the country bringing insight to how politics and business paired together can yield better outcomes for inner-city youth and underprivileged citizens.

Currently, TC endeavors for The GIPAC to be considered a Go To resource for real life solutions to widespread economic and political disenfranchisement. With this goal in mind he seeks to leave a lasting and enduring legacy of success for those he represents and take up the torch that was passed on by the long lineage of black leaders before him.


Co-Founder and Treasurer, The GIPAC

CJ King is the co-founder and treasurer of The Greenwood Initiative Political Action Committee. He and his family currently reside in Atlanta, GA. For the past five years, CJ has been a noteworthy leader in the music industry. You may know him from his publications with HBO, Empire, CW Network, and the NFL. He was recently honored in 2019 as one of twenty entrepreneurs as “Atlanta’s Who’s Who of 2019”. He is currently the CEO of one of Atlanta’s fastest growing clothing companies known as BlessedOnesCo.

There was a time when CJ was very skeptical of politics and avoided it at all costs. It wasn’t until the tragedy of George Floyd that CJ King realized we needed something more than marches and conversation. We needed actionable change. This led CJ to doing research and using his platform to empower his community economically through jobs. Around this time, CJ linked up with TC to combine their voices to make an larger impact.